Wednesday, January 12, 2011


DOLPHIN NOSE - A name that seems to be cute for listening, but glimpses of beautiful yet dangerous valley from that point can be quite unnerving. It is a huge rock extrapolating itself from an overhanging cliff which offers most breathtaking views as well as deep abyss below. It got the name from the resemblance of dolphin structure - a unique rock jutting out of the face of the hillside. If you are an adventure buff and a nature lover, this place has everything to offer. We took a 2 KM walk out of which the first half was on pave with pretty views of pear orchards and deep valleys amused on our left. The later one was treacherously steep and slippery(if drizzles) to say the least. Before starting from here you would be blewed out to see the guys finished their trek beneath, sweating all over struggling to put one foot followed by another. The task of descending down the slopes doesn't impacted much since we are desperate to see DOLPHIN NOSE. Its an enthralling experience to stand on the edge of the rock. I was scared to get that experience but my pals dared for that. We are left with the massive task of climbing all the way up. Somehow we managed to drag ourselves out of that huge task after having several pit stops in between. Thanks to our stamina levels.

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