Tuesday, December 14, 2010


CREW: Sudhir, Paddu, Venkat, Ravi, Geeta, Pruthvi, Swetha, Kranthi & Me.

Sometimes it is so refreshing to get out of the hustle bustle of city life and relax yourself. As part of this we planned a trip to KODAIKANAL - A NATURE LOVER'S PARADISE. There may be many place holders in your list of spots to watch in Kodaikanal, but the most rewarding one is KODAI LAKE. This lake is in the middle of the town with around 5km circumference and is a quieter portion away for the hotels area which will provide you boat peddling, horse riding and the best one - cycling(it will be more exciting if it is with your best pals). Lake will be surrounded by vast private properties(kind of estates) and some pretty good houses.

Lake is fringed by bunch of eucalyptus trees. It will be very refreshing to do fun cycling with your buddies, while breathing the fragrance drifting from eucalyptus trees, hearing the sounds of colorful birds and enjoy the taste of some stuff like pear, peaches, corn etc. It will be thrilling to have a chacobar/Ice cream in that chill whether and peddling a boat at the snail's pace around the lake. Whatever may be the season, near this lake, I will assure you that it will be relaxing and quaint, peddling the boat, eating chocolate/ice cream, admiring the lake view, a well worth stroll and cycling with your pals. You can enjoy the beauty and serenity of Kodaikanal and surroundings in my next write up KODAIKANAL - A NATURE LOVER'S PARADISE.

Friends...Hope we all had a good time in Kodaikanal. I really miss you guys and the rocking trips like that. Stay tuned for our entire trip write up KODAIKANAL - A NATURE LOVER'S PARADISE.


  1. Hey Lokesh, nice post... really, it was wonderful trip. Even me too missing you all.

    so far no comments from superman??? :-)

  2. nice narration lokesh