Monday, December 20, 2010


After enjoying the picturesque view of Dolphin's nose we all started towards the evening sun. Our energy levels are totally exhausted by the time we reached half the way to our parked vehicle. But some how covered the challenging part, walking uphill. By the time we refilled our energy levels with some drinks and snacks, its already dark. Literally no one was there on the way and we need to walk one more kilometer in that hilly forest to reach our vehicle. Smiling moon and twinkling stars came out which we hardly get to see and enjoy in the city skyline. Then we all started walking in a nice leisurely pace, chit chatting with each other and away from the chaotic city life. No words to express what kind of amazing moments we got in our lives by the time we reached our vehicle. You have to experience it yourself to get/believe it. But I can assure you one thing, going for such kind of walk with your friends in a dense forest with full moon on top of your head gives you a rare unforgettable experience. Given a chance to travel to past, this is one situation which I prefer to land.

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