Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We all started early in the morning towards "Bear Shola Falls", which was a place holder in our planned list of places to visit. They used to say that in early days bears used to inhabit the area and came to drink water here. Hence the name Bear Shola falls. Initially we thought like we need to spend time in travelling to reach falls. But with in 15 minutes ride from the cottage(where we stayed), we are almost

there. From that spot we need to take walk to reach the falls, since its not possible for vehicles to go near the falls. At that early hours it was still quiet and the trail to the falls was deserted. Surrounded by lush greenary and rugged landscapes, the walking path is a sight to behold! The fresh, soft air and calmness of the surrounding is indeed a treat while walking towards the falls. For sure the first glance of the falls takes your breath away and mesmerizes you totally. I had a nice few minutes sitting by the falls with all my friends and thinking about how lucky we are to be on earth and had so many nice places to explore. Most of us had a walk and explored the surroundings of the falls. It is ideal to visit the Bear Shola Falls during rainy season to enjoy the beauty of the abundant misty waterfalls in its fullness. At the end of it all you definitely cherish the moments you spend out there.

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  1. Good one..Venkat n Paddu can add their trekking experience near this water falls :)

  2. Good one buddy, i missed this fall during my Kodai trip!