Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Start Place: Bangalore

Destination: Nandhi hills, Lepakshi, Ghati Subramanya

Date: 1st Jan, 2010

Crew: Praneeth, Sujay, Laxmi, Saravanan, Nagendra, Kaushik, Praveen & myself Travel Mode: 2 Maruthi WagonRs

The faces of each and every traveller who came there glowed along with the rising sun and their eyes sparkled with the quiet appreciation that comes from knowing that they had witnessed something truly special. WELCOME TO THE LAND OF PURELY MAGICAL SUNSHINE - NANDHI HILLS. It is a place to visit atleast once in a life time.

Eventhough we started one hour late than our planned schedule, we reached top of the nandhi hills before sunrise. On the way we came accross the guys who are deeply involved in new year celebrations. We all had tea before the ghat section starts. After taking the entry/parking tickets we all rushed towards the view point.

After spending some good time roaming around & playing with cameras, we all started towards chikbakkapur. We had our breakfast in Shanthi Sagar and then started our journey on NH-7(Even an amateur driver can fancy his chances on these roads. Thanks to our Joy Riders ;-)) towards our next destination "LEPAKSHI".

No words to explain the architectural beauty of Lepakshi's veerabhadra temple. Some where or around in the temple you can find idols of most of the Hindu gods. The paintings on the ceiling of the temple, unfinished Kalyana mantapam(marriage hall), foot print of Sita Devi, idols explaining the situation in Indra loka, blood marks of Virupaksha's eyes, hanging pillar and designs on the pillars and many more will tell the beauty of monuments. The main attarction of lepakshi is statue of the Nandhi which is biggest one in India and it will be there at good 1 KM distance from the temple. If you are planning to visit Lepakshi, it is advisable to visit Nandhi Statue first and then the temple.

Form there we went hindupur where we had good and delecious lunch and then moved towards Ghati Subrahmanya temple, where you can see Lord Subramanya from one side and Lord Narasimha from the other side of the same idol.

Overall we had a good ride of around 350 KM covering all the 3 places as part of new year celebrations.

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